Webinar Series on Connected Learning

Here’s a great little weekly-webinar series from the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub┬áthat will touch on a number of learning topics.

Howard Rheingold, “Brother Mike” Hawkins and Joe Kahne are on my calendar!

March 29 – 10:00 AM PST
Buffy Hamilton – The Unquiet Librarian

How do libraries cultivate participatory literacy to disrupt what Paulo Freire calls the “banking” system of education?
April 3 – 8:00 AM PST

P2PU Co-Founder Philipp Schmidt will discuss his insights regarding the dynamic growth of the P2PU community.

April 10 – 9:00 AM PST

Howard Rheingold – Social Media and Peer Learning: From Mediated Pedagogy to Peeragogy

Discover how giving students more responsibility in shaping their own curriculum can lead to more active participation.

April 17 – 7:00 AM PST
“Brother Mike” Hawkins – YOUmedia Mentor

“Brother Mike” Hawkins will share his personal experience with the power and potential of interest-driven learning.

April 19 – 7:00 AM PST
Katie Salen – Making Learning Irresistible: 6 Principles of Game-like Learning

6 guiding principles underlying a learning model developed by the Institute of Play, which uses the intrinsic qualities of game design and play to reimagine

April 24 – 9:00 PST
Joe Kahne – Youth & Participatory Politics

What is the relationship between online participatory practices and political participation?

May 1 – 9:00 PST
Mark Surman – Mozilla Open Badges

Mark Surman will highlight the potential benefits of the Open Badges initiative and share how people can kick-start their own badging systems.

Connected Learning