Civic Voice Curriculum

In 2010, YTech began packaging our civic engagement and digital literacy programs in order to build the capacity of other youth-serving organizations and to help educators integrate meaningful digital literacy into their work with young people. Our Civic Voice Curriculum programs are project-based service-learning guides that explore community issues. Our curriculum encourages young people use digital media to tell stories, share their voice and develop action plans to spark dialogue and change in their communities.

Curriculum Guides

Each guide offers modifications for older or advanced students and  are 30+ pages packaged in an interactive PDF. Each is available for a suggested donation of $10 each for an interactive PDF.
To order, e-mail Colleen McDevitt:

Spark! Finding My Voice: Students examine a variety of issues relevant to youth and their local community, pick a topic, write a script and create digital photography slideshow.

Spark! Teen Dating Violence: Students watch a short film on teen dating and sexual violence and work in groups to create public service announcements that raise awareness of the topics.

Techreation: Younger students create digital photography slideshows or videos about the role of exercise and play in their lives.


Our Award-Winning Curriculum Model


Each Civic Voice Curriculum program is separated into four areas; Knowledge is Power, Express Yourself, Connect and Collaborate, and Take Action. Activities are meant to teach young people the following objectives to varying degrees depending on their age:

Knowledge is Power
Young people are guided through the information seeking and evaluation process by:

  • gathering and evaluating information provided by external authorities
  • gathering and evaluating information created and shared by peers
  • collecting  information needed to be informed community participants
Express Yourself
Young people recognize the power of their voice and:
  • learn to communicate with community members, adults and peers
  • learn to communicate through self-produced digital media
  • are empowered to communicate with peers and adults both online and offline
Connect and Collaborate
Young people learn to collaborate, and to use online and offline networks to:
  • connect with traditional institutions and organizations
  • create and connect with peer-initiated groups and networks
  • develop a sense of belonging/affinity to online and offline networks and groups
Take Action
Young people feel empowered to share their voice and act in their communities by
  • learning to identify and engage in activities defined by authorities
  • learning to identify and engage in activities created by individuals
  • planning an offline community action project with their peers
  • developing an action plan to share their self-produced digital media

“Digital media technologies offer unprecedented opportunities to help young people learn to engage with public life. Learning how to develop public voices and sustainable networks can be enhanced through access to technology, content production and skills training.” University of Washington’s Center for Communication and Civic Engagement

“The Civic Voice Curriculum draws on state of the art knowledge about how to help young people engage in public life. Trained staff and peer mentors provide great technology training in the communication skills that are useful in so many areas of life. Learning how to address community issues with effective advocacy is a great way to meet service requirements.” - Dr. Lance Bennett, professor and director of the  University of Washington’s Center for Communication and Civic Engagement.

If you’re in the Seattle area and need access to digital media equipment, we can offer that as well! Contact Colleen McDevitt:


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