Webinar Series on Connected Learning

Here’s a great little weekly-webinar series from the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub┬áthat will touch on a number of learning topics.

Howard Rheingold, “Brother Mike” Hawkins and Joe Kahne are on my calendar!

March 29 – 10:00 AM PST
Buffy Hamilton – The Unquiet Librarian

How do libraries cultivate participatory literacy to disrupt what Paulo Freire calls the “banking” system of education?
April 3 – 8:00 AM PST

P2PU Co-Founder Philipp Schmidt will discuss his insights regarding the dynamic growth of the P2PU community.

April 10 – 9:00 AM PST

Howard Rheingold – Social Media and Peer Learning: From Mediated Pedagogy to Peeragogy

Discover how giving students more responsibility in shaping their own curriculum can lead to more active participation.

April 17 – 7:00 AM PST
“Brother Mike” Hawkins – YOUmedia Mentor

“Brother Mike” Hawkins will share his personal experience with the power and potential of interest-driven learning.

April 19 – 7:00 AM PST
Katie Salen – Making Learning Irresistible: 6 Principles of Game-like Learning

6 guiding principles underlying a learning model developed by the Institute of Play, which uses the intrinsic qualities of game design and play to reimagine

April 24 – 9:00 PST
Joe Kahne – Youth & Participatory Politics

What is the relationship between online participatory practices and political participation?

May 1 – 9:00 PST
Mark Surman – Mozilla Open Badges

Mark Surman will highlight the potential benefits of the Open Badges initiative and share how people can kick-start their own badging systems.

Connected Learning

One thought on “Webinar Series on Connected Learning

  1. Thanks for mentioning our connected learning webinar series! Would also like to mention that–since we conduct these using Google+ Hangouts–we have up to 7 open spots anyone can fill each week. We just ask that, if you would like to ‘hang out’ with the guest speaker, you come prepared to dialogue about the topic at hand.

    If you are interested in joining any of the sessions listed above, feel free to email me at jbarilone-at-hri.uci.edu. There is also an open invitation to join the conversation via our Livestream Channel Chat (livestream.com/connectedlearningtv) and Twitter (#connectedlearning).

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