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29 Mar

We have been a little out of touch lately because we’ve been prepping the new and improved! We have a new look, new functions and soon we’ll be completely up and running. Please feel free to create an account now, and stay tuned for our official re-launch!

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The Art of Technology: Strengthening Youth Voices

10 Oct



Be sure to read the full Seattle YMCA IMPACT Newsletter.

Mission Moment with YTech

15 Aug

|Digital literacy and access to technology|


Many homes and schools do not have access to necessary technology, creating challenges for students as job applications and even GED tests make their way online. Access to technology and this new digital literacy becomes imperative for every student’s path to success.

|Youth voice and civic engagement|

We have a huge responsibility to guide young people in how to leverage technology to express their voices in positive ways, and we have an even bigger responsibility to listen and support their ideas.

Can you remember the last big social movement that did not involve young people? Can you imagine a future movement that won’t utilize technology and social media?

YTech trains youth to create and share cause-driven media online: videos, photographs, audio pieces and digital art, and more.

Youth-created content lives within YTech’s online community,, where students connect around important issues and speak out collectively for positive change.

youthviolence_curriculumTeens and young adults see their work spark civic debate with their peers and policy makers giving them the confidence and 21st century skills to compete in today’s global economy.

|Youth taking action offline|

We are updating this fall to support more youth-led take action campaigns in the community that create offline space for others to see youth as agents of change.

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For the last year YTech has transformed the Clapp Room into a cozy space for teens and starting this fall, will host a series of technology workshops, topic discussions and even youth networking events.

Talk to us if you would like to host something specific to your program area out of our space!

We’ve also taken on the curating of the Triangle Art Gallery which is back to rotating youth art every 1st Thursday of the month.

1st Place

|Upcoming shows|

Sept. – Japan Global Teens
Oct. – Prague Global Teens
Nov. – Youth Voices Against Violence


|Collaborate with YTech|

Talk to Colleen if you need tech equipment: projector, laptops, or even a sound system. Let her know if you want to see your youth create cause-based art for the Triangle Art Gallery or media for Or maybe you’re just interested in hosting a conversation with youth around your cause within the Y:)


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